Fermented Foods & Vegtables 101

Fermented foods are considered as some of the best foods we can eat. They are among the most natural and authentic types of food, and they can provide us with a large number of probiotics and enzymes that our bodies need to survive.


What is Fermented Food Anyways?


Fermented foods are food that has gone through a certain process called Lacto-fermentation. This is when the natural bacteria on the sugar and starches that are in the food create lactic acid. Through this natural process, it preserves the food and it makes it create beneficial enzymes, omega – 3 fatty acids, b-vitamins, and strains of probiotics.

 The process of fermenting foods is shown to preserve nutrients in the food and change the composition to be more digestible when eaten. This process explains the increase of probiotics in these foods could also explain the relationship between consuming fermented foods and improving one’s digestion.


Types of Fermented Dish's You May Like


Different cultures around the world have been eating for decades. In Germany, sauerkraut is a long-standing tradition and in Korea, Kimichi is a staple dish.

Pickles are another common type of common fermented food; the taste of a fermented pickle is close to the flavor of a normal deli pickle. When fermenting your own pickle, it can be less acidic than pickles made with vinegar.


Benefits of Fermented Eating For Your Body


Eating fermented made products have tons of health benefits besides improving digestion.


Dose of probiotics, aka good bacteria: When eating fermented foods and drinking fermented drinks, it will help introduce bacteria into your digestive system that will be beneficial. Fermented drinks, like Kefir and Kombucha, will help balance the bacteria in the digestive system too. These probiotics have also been shown to aid in digestion, improve the bowel health overall, and improve immunity. Probiotics from fermenting foods and drinks will also help slow or reverse some diseases.  


Better absorption of nutrients: Eating and drinking fermented foods can help you absorb food’s nutrients better. When you have the proper balance of bacteria in your stomach and enough digestive enzymes, it helps your body absorb more of the nutrients that are in the food that isn’t fermented. Eating fermented vegetables with a natural healthy diet will increase the amount of nutrients that you absorb which will decrease the number of supplements and vitamins that you need to take.


Less expensive: Trying to incorporate healthy eating into your life can get expensive, but when using fermented foods, they last longer so you are spending less money. Many fermented foods you can make at home causing fermented foods to be inexpensive. Drinks like Water Kefir and Kombucha can also be made at home and do not cost a lot.


Do it at home, it lasts longer: Making fermented foods can last longer. Making homemade salsa will only last you a couple of days but when you make salsa with fermented foods it could last up to a couple months. The same style of fermenting also can be applied to sauerkraut, pickles, beets and other fermented vegetables. The fermentation process of lacto-fermentation also will also you to store these foods for a longer period of time without losing any of the nutrients that can be lost when using traditional canning would. Are You Aging Rapidly? Try this & Slow it Down! Click Here!